A Firm Advocate for Gay Adoption and Parental Rights

At Pelletier Marshall & Clark, we passionately facilitate gay adoption for couples in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There is no greater joy than having a child with the one you love. Our LGBT law attorneys understand how clients feel uncertain about the legal rights to their children – despite the recent legalization of marriage across the United States. Unfortunately, the joy of having a child with your same-sex spouse or partner comes with a level of concern regarding the recognition of your parental rights.

That’s why we take pride in our ability to secure the parental rights of our gay clients throughout the adoption procedure. Whether through a surrogate, or a known or anonymous donor, we have the legal expertise to ensure that your parental rights are fully recognized nationally and internationally.

Through the appropriate documentation and affidavits, and through a thorough adoption hearing, we consistently secure our gay client’s parental rights and provide the peace-of-mind each of our clients deserve when it comes to the joy of being a parent.

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