Child Support Lawyers

At Pelletier Marshall & Clark, our RI and MA child support lawyers understand that nothing is more important to a parent than the health, safety, and welfare of his or her child. We also understand how stressful and difficult co-parenting can be. That’s why our attorneys put our client’s children first and will work aggressively for what is in the best interest of each child.

Child Support

Contrary to many people’s understanding, child support is the obligation of both parents.  However, as the child/children normally reside primarily with one parent, that parent receives contribution from the other parent for food, shelter, and clothing for the child/children.  In both RI and MA, child support is an income calculation.  At Pelletier Marshall & Clark, our RI and MA family law attorneys work with our clients to uncover every possible source of income that should be used to calculate support.  We utilize such resources as forensic accounting, business valuation, subpoena powers, and court-sanctioned discovery to expose income of the parents.  Our RI and MA child support lawyers believe that each parent owes an obligation of support to the children and we fight aggressively to make sure each parent pays his or her share.

Child Support Modification (increasing or reducing child support)

Child support is the legal obligation of each parent to support their common children.  Child support is ordered through the family court and can only be modified or terminated with a showing of a substantial change in circumstance.  Examples of a substantial change in circumstance include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Change of employment with substantial increase/decrease in pay
  • Pay increases over time
  • Passage of time (3-5 years since the last child support review).

At Pelletier Marshall & Clark, our RI and MA family law attorneys understand that income changes over time and child support should be adjusted accordingly.  Whether you believe you are entitled to a decrease in your support payment, or an increase in the amount you receive, our family law attorneys can help to clarify your rights and to establish the appropriate child support order.

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