Same Sex Divorce

At Pelletier Marshall & Clark, our divorce lawyers understand that difficulties in marriage occur in same-sex couples just as they do with opposite-sex couples. We also understand that after many years of seeking the right to marry, the reality of a breakdown in the same-sex marriage can be especially difficult to accept and to act upon. That’s why we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of legal representation for the LGBT community in Rhode Island.  Our same sex divorce lawyers provide exceptional representation for our gay clients in RI and MA.  We are unparalleled in our ability to not only provide legal counsel to our clients, but to provide that legal counsel accompanied by the full dignity our clients deserve as gay citizens.

Our same sex divorce practice addresses

Division of Property

Most if not all divorces involve the division of property that has been acquired during the course of the marriage. This not only includes real, tangible property, like real estate and household furnishings, but also retirement accounts, pensions, and business entities.  Additionally, divorce involves the division of debts that were accrued during the marriage. Our RI and MA same sex divorce lawyers have extensive experience in the division of these marital assets as well as the preservation of interests in businesses and real estate. We also strive to ensure that any marital debts are fairly apportioned to each party. We will work to protect your rights to the marital assets and will diligently attempt to resolve the division of property in a fair and equitable manner.

Business Valuation

Put simply, divorce is a business proposition. At Pelletier Marshall & Clark, our RI and MA same sex divorce lawyers understand that small business owners have a distinct set of concerns during the divorce process. Business owners who are contemplating divorce need sound legal representation to ensure that their interest in the business is appropriately valued, and that the business survives the divorce.  Protecting business owners, valuing business assets, and ensuring that the business carries on without interruption or interference are our main goals in representing business owners in divorce proceedings.

Deferred Sale of Real Estate

We also understand that your house is not just an asset, it’s your home. The most important question for many people facing divorce is whether they will be able to stay in their home during or after the divorce.  Our RI and MA divorce attorneys recognize that one of our most import jobs is to give real answers to these hard questions. We explore every avenue when it comes to keeping our clients in their homes, whether through refinancing options, deferred sale, or reasonable buy-out options. Our knowledgeable real estate attorneys work hand-in-hand with our divorce attorneys to ensure that our clients get the best legal representation. Rest assured that our attorneys will work to protect both you and your home during the divorce process.


Many people contemplating divorce face an unsure future. In many cases, spouses have sacrificed careers and valuable job skills in order to raise a family.  At Pelletier Marshall & Clark, we understand that contributions to a marriage involve more than just a paycheck. That’s why we’re well-versed in the laws regarding alimony. Our same sex divorce lawyers closely evaluate the facts of each unique case and counsel each client as to expectations and entitlement.

Legal Separation

At Pelletier Marshall & Clark, our RI and MA same sex divorce lawyers understand the difficulty our clients face when contemplating divorce.  Many times, our clients wish to legally separate for a trial period before filing for divorce. Legal separation is a viable option for those who wish to establish custody, placement, visitation, and child support for children of the marriage during the separation. However, legal separation does not secure rights to marital property. These are just some of the issues that must be contemplated when considering legal separation. We counsel clients on the options between divorce and legal separation, and advise our clients as to the advantages and disadvantages of each. We represent our clients in legal separation proceedings, to secure their rights and obligations to the children of the marriage, and to maintain the “status quo” of the marital estate during the separation period. Our goal, as always, is to counsel our clients on all of their options and to maximize results.

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