LGBT Lawyers Passionate About Gay Rights

Pelletier Marshall & Clark’s LGBT lawyers Brad R. Pelletier and Carol Ricker are focused on helping gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual clients plan for and overcome complicated legal dilemmas throughout every stage of their lives. While any legal issue can be daunting, it is especially challenging when the same Rhode Island or Massachusetts laws that protect your neighbors don’t protect your own rights and relationships.

Our LGBT lawyers assist with many LGBT legal needs in RI and MA, including:

  • Civil rights litigation
  • Dissolution/separation agreements
  • Employment discrimination
  • Estate planning issues (health care proxies, financial POA, wills, trust, funeral directives)
  • Marriage
  • Name changes
  • Prenuptial and cohabitation partnership agreements
  • Second parent adoption
  • Sexual orientation discrimination
  • Unlawful employment termination
  • Tax planning

Lawyers Involved in the Rhode Island LGBT Community

Active in the LGBT community and a current member of Marriage Equality Rhode Island and AIDS Care Ocean State, Brad Pelletier has a personal understanding of the obstacles you’re facing. He and Carol Ricker have helped our clients recognize and defend their rights under current state and federal laws relating to real estate, family law and estate planning matters.

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